Monster Energy Flight Night

Stunt riders are always a highlight of Africa Bike Week, but this year Monster Energy Flight Night promises to raise the bar to new and fiery heights!

On Friday and Saturday night, the stunt crews will pull the ramps into place for a spectacle of aerial freestyle motocross, huge pyrotechnics (that’s fireworks) dazzling lighting effects, trials stunting, smoke machines, Monster Trucks, Monster Girls, loud music and an MC who will entertain, explain & educate us all on what we can expect from all these talented athletes.

  • Monster Energy Flight Night: Friday and Saturday night at 6pm
  • BMX & Skate Demos: Friday & Saturday, Two demos each day
  • Le Riche Brothers – Trial Bike show: Friday & Saturday, Two demos each day

Viewers will gasp at the spectacle of death defying tricks, jumps & stunts from South Africa very best riders.

Traditional trials is the art of riding over impossible terrain on a motorcycle without putting your feet down on the ground. It’s OK to stop, bunny-hop the bike in one place and even ride backwards to find a way over the obstacles – as long as your feet don’t touch the ground.

Brent “One Wheel” and Bruce “One Hip Wonder” Le Riche have more than 15 South African Trials titles between them; now they’ve turned their sport into a spectacle by building a truck that unfolds into a set of theoretically unrideable man-made obstacles, including a 3.5 metre high undercut ledge – that’s the equivalent of riding your bike up the side of a single-story house, out over the overhanging gutters and onto the roof. Unbelieveable? Believe it.