Bad Peter

Bad Peter

BAD PETER is a folk-rock duo made up of PG Badenhorst and Alwyn Bekker.

From playing mostly covers to gradually building a repertoire of original music together and gigging more and more, BAD PETER was soon travelling the country and winning fans daily. They were never going to go unnoticed for long, so when they signed a worldwide record and publishing deal with The David Gresham Record Company in November 2014, they were the only ones who were surprised.

“We have been living and breathing music from a young age. We have a passion for acoustic guitar playing, and live at the crossroads where country, folk and blues meet. We are excited to see where this path will lead us… We believe we have only just started what we hope to be a lifelong affair with music.”

“We don’t limit ourselves to a specific genre. Being singer-songwriters gives us that freedom” says PG. “You’ll hear country, Latin, blues, African, pop and reggae sounds in our songs. We prefer writing songs that can make people dance, groove and feel good!”

BAD PETER is an energetic band that really has a passion for jamming, performing and making music live! They often tell one another if neither one of their guitars break during this performance they’re not giving it their all. This might sound like a strange thing to hear from guys playing acoustic but they love putting all their energy into performing, and that’s what makes them such a joy to watch.

With the band no longer under label, Bad Peter is proud to present their first independent release. The duo released their new 6 song EP titled ‘Need to Hear’ on 1 September 2017. The two singles from the new EP: ‘Need to Hear’ and ‘For Now This Is Me’ both reached top 40 iTunes chart placements.

Type of music: acoustic, band, dance, and folk-rock