Their skull-cracking style is intended to inject their message of ghost nations – the forgotten people with no land. Their sound is loud and confident to better convey that message. Their name is HAWK and they came together among the musical fabric of Jeffrey’s Bay – just because.
This new-born is the creation of André Ludik (Bloemfontein – vox), Nathan Combrinck (Jeffrey’s Bay – drums), Ashley Hilton Jacobs (Cape Town – bass) and Lord Wolmer himself, Heine van der Walt (Pretoria-North – guitar).

Heine and Ashley come from a background in jazz and, more recently, rock and metal. Heine is known as the master hog of the satirical metal group Boargazm and a member of the notorious Van der Walt clan. Ashley is known for his Ghoema performances and his dexterity as a jazz musician since a young age. André and Nathan have been summoned to join based on their reciprocating love for – and skilful command of – the art of rock ‘n roll.

“Our sound is something between Joe Bonamassa, Dan Patlansky, Rage Against the Machine and serious hard rock,” Van der Walt was heard saying.

Their debut album Ghost Nations is currently under construction and is set to be released later this year. Follow their conquest of the music scene and subsequent South African takeover.

Type of music: metal and rock